Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend at the February?

We saw one look at the forecast for last weekend and knew we wanted to head south! Keith worked in Opelika on Thursday so we met him at the lake for some family fun with the Scotts. It was so nice to get away and to get a touch of spring.

"Wild Man"

Swinging with Honey

Bed Head

On Saturday we met the boys in Auburn for lunch at The Auburn Oyster House. It was sooo good! After lunch we went downtown and shopped and soaked in the Auburn Spirit. It was so sad seeing Toomer's Corner and not knowing if it will ever be the same.

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed relaxing on the porch and Papa D grilled some delicious burgers.

My Heart

My Other Half

Papa D stole my Cheerio

Watching the fire

On Sunday we celebrated Emme's 2nd Birthday and what a special day it was. She looked so adorable in her puppy dog outfit. Their house was decorated so cute with puppy dogs and they even had some cupcakes that were different breeds of dogs. The detail was amazing!

Emme trying out her potty chair. Are you trying to tell us something???

After her party, I headed to my friend Anna's Baby Shower. I've known her since 2nd grade and grew up with her. I am so excited for her and Tyler and can't wait to meet Baby Griffin! She got some great gifts and she looks so cute pregnant.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Having a "Ball"

Today, Sawyer and I went over to his cousins' house for some play time. He loves playing with them and all of their fun toys. Well today was no exception. They have a baby pool full of balls. Picture the ball pit from Chuck-E-Cheese from when you were a kid. Remember that? I put Sawyer in it to see what he thought and I really do think this was the happiest I have ever seem him. He was overcome with wonder and excitement. "I mean, all these balls are for me to play with?" was going through his mind and you could tell on his sweet and innocent face. He would pick them up and throw them, crawl around and "swim" in them, and just sit there and soak it all in. Of course the older ones had to see what was getting ALL of the attention and laughter from Mimi and I. Emme got in and was joined shortly after with big bro Taylor. That's right, 3 kiddos all in the pool at once. Taylor then got his net and went fishing for sharks. Oh how I love the imagination of a 5 year old! He would fish for sharks and them dump them on the train table. What was supposed to be just a visit to see cousins turned out to be such a fun adventure. Thanks Tay and Em for letting us come over and play! Love ya'll!

He was having so much fun that he decided to just play with the other toys while still sitting in the pool.

Taylor fishing!

Brother and Sisterly Love! :)

"Mama, I'm still in shock over how much fun that was!"

Friday, February 4, 2011

January Happenings

A few weeks ago we went down to the Lake and to Auburn to celebrate the National Championship. It was held at Jordan-Hare stadium and since Sawyer had never been to a game before we figured this would be a good opportunity to take him. Well, our little bug is NOT a fan of loud noises so he got scared when they started to announce the players. Keith went to go walk around with him and let me stay with my friend Katy and her little girl, Norah. After a little while, we decided to leave since it was cold and he wasn't getting better. We drove around Auburn and even drove by a couple of places we lived while in Auburn. It has changed a lot in 5 years. After the ceremony was over, we went to Katy and Joe's house to let the babies play and eat dinner. Sawyer loved playing with all of Norah' toys and he got to observe how good she is at walking. I think he may have picked up a few pointers! It was so nice to visit and catch up with Katy.

Snuggling with Dada in the morning

Look at those beautiful blues.

Lil Tiger

This picture pretty much sums up how he feels about being there.

"Look Mom, I can drive!!"

"Let me show you how that's done Sawyer"

Last weekend we took advantage of having nothing on our schedule and beautiful WARM weather in the 70's. Saturday morning we took Sawyer to breakfasat at Cracker Barrel and he loved it! His favorite thing was by far their homemade biscuits. Do you blame him??
Looking at all of the toys in the lobby. Oh, and it was a PJ kind of day.

That afternoon, Keith went to play golf so Sawyer and I went outside to play and throw the ball to Missi. Poor dog has been so stir crazy! She limped for two days from running so hard. We even got to visit with my next door neighbor and her little boy Ford who is 4 months old. We are going to have so much fun at the pool this summer!