Wednesday, June 15, 2011

14 Months

Sawyer just turned 14 months and is keeping us quite entertained. He is definetly a toddler now and is growing more independent. He is talking a lot more and we call him our little parrot because he can repeat a lot of words we say.

Here are some words that he says:

~ He has been saying Mama and Dada for a while but he is statring to say
   Mommy and Daddy
~ Pupee for dogs
~ Caka for cracker
~ Choos for shoes
~ Choose for juice (anything thats in his sippy cup)
~ Lesee for let's see (we say that a lot when we look for things to play with or eat)
~ Baboule for bubble (Keith and I's favorite!)
~ Hhhahha for hot (he says this when we are drinking coffee in the morning)
~ When we sing "Sugar Pie, Honey Bun" he will snap his fingers (in his own way).
    Honey taught him that one! :)

Sorry, that is the best that I could do for baby translating. These are also mixed in with his conversational jibber jabber that is so funny to sit back and listen to!

Recently, he has shown interest in feeding himself with a spoon. At first I just thought he wanted to play with it but when I gave it to him he actually dipped it in the yogurt and fed himself. He didn't seem to grasp which end of the spoon to dip in the yogurt, but you have to start somewhere. It created quite a mess but I had to let loose and just let him get dirty because it was almost bath time.

Some of his favorite foods are YOGURT, cheese, strawberries, blueberries, buddy fruits, sharing popsicles with mama, chicken, hamburgers, turkey, crackers, yogurt melts, oatmeal, and still eating baby food veggies.

Tonight was the first night he has gone to bed without a bottle and it went well. The last few nights he has been eating dinner closer to his bedtime so when I would go to feed him his bedtime bottle, he refused it. I hope it keeps going this smooth because he really loves his bottle. I have been putting it off because it is a comfort to him at his naps and bedtime so maybe it was me holding on to that cuddle time. :( He loves his burp cloth and paci at nap and bedtime too. We can tackle the paci issue later, I don't want to traumatize him! It makes him happy for goodness sake! Brushing his teeth has and is still a challenge. He giggles when he sees us brush our teeth but when its his turn, I need the jaws of life to get in his mouth. I seriously doubt I'm even brushing one tooth. We have tried a lot of methods of distraction and it helps some but not great. I need some pointers in this area.

And the not-so-fun part of being 14 months is his new hitting phase. This has become quite the topic of conversation in our household because, GASP, our sweet baby would never do anything like that. Ha, yeah right! If he isn't getting what he wants or if we take something away from him, you better count on a swinging arm coming your way! It's hard not to laugh too when he does it because here you have this tiny little thing retaliating on you. Oh how the human nature is vengeful. Well, it is our job as parents to discipline so that is what journey we are on now, I just didn't think it would be at this age. I talked to our pediatrician about it and he gave me some good tactics to use so we are trying those but this strong willed one is still hitting. I know it will take time and patience but it has been challenging, and for Honey too. He does it to her and she wants to discipline the way we do.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Memorial Day and a Getaway

We headed to the Lake on Wednesday to get an early start to the weekend and to see Keith since he was working in the area. This was the first time we have been to the lake since Sawyer started walking and lets just say its a whole new adventure! He loves anything that is near danger. It's as if he has a radar or something!! His favorite thing to do was go up and down the rock stairs and to walk near the edge of the pier. We finally decided to make a make shift barricade with the porch furniture to keep Mr. Explorer contained. The water was a little chilly at first but felt great once you got used to it especially since it was in the 90's! We enjoyed riding in the boat and Keith took Sawyer for his first ride on the Waverunner. He loved it!! This is the beginning of all the fun times we will have, especially when he learns how to ski and go ride on the intertube.

New lake shoes!!

Here he is with Keith or Kenzie's (not sure which) Pound Puppy. Remember those? It's so sweet when he grabs it and cuddles it with his head on it.

Ready for a boat ride!

Taylor got to come down and spend a few days at my parent's place. He had so much fun and loved to tell me about trying to catch Oskar the fish. He played so well with Sawyer and even shared his Star Wars Light Saber, now that's love!

Jeff grilled some Jalepeno poppers and chicken wings. Yum.

Meme had to get her Sawyer fix.

       We celebrated Papa D's Birthday with grilling out steaks and a yummy strawberry shortcake trifle

                          Blowing Baabouz! Thats how he says bubbles and its the cutest.thing.ever.

My favorite time of day.

I snapped this pic last weekend in our backyard. He loves his new lawn mower!

This past week I got to tag along with Keith to Sandestin. He was there to work at a conference for Emergency Room Doctors and Nurses. Keith worked a lot and got to meet people and medical related companies from all over the Southeast. The last night there they had a casino night complete with a Poker Tournament, Craps table, and Black Jack. I even beat Keith in the Poker Tournament! :)

This was the longest we have left Sawyer and it was bittersweet. I was looking forward to having some alone time with Keith but it was hard to leave him. Honey and Papa D kept him for us and she sent me the cutest videos and pictures to keep me updated. When I went to go pick him up he lit up and I got the sweetest hug ever.
The water was absolutely beautiful.

I saw this sign while driving down 30-A one afternoon. Notice the sign for Sawyer Art?

I ate lunch at this quaint little restaurant in Santa Rosa Beach and it was delicious. I orginally drove to Seaside but the parking was awful and it was way too crowded. The lady working there recommended the Fish Tacos and they were divine. They also had a Pepper Jelly Vinigarette dressing with the salad that was yummo! Keith and I also did the whole "tourist" thing and ate at Red Bar but its just sooo good and worth the 45 minute wait to sit outside on the back porch on a cool night. We had a really nice waiter named Landon and we both fell in love with his name. Maybe for #2? We told him that and he said we should do the middle name, Jagger. He was a surfer dude needless to say. :)

One last pic, ahhhh. It will probably be a while before we go back so I had to end with a beautiful shot of the water.