Tuesday, August 30, 2011

16 Months and So Much More!

Look who's talking! That would be Mr. Sawyer. He is talking up a storm these days and its so amazing to see how fast he his deveolping.

Here are the words that he has learned recenty:

~ Elmo (Eh-mo), Oscar (Okar), and Cookie Monster is Cookie (funny how he has no problem with that    word ;)
~ When we drive in the car he will tell me the cars and trucks we pass and he knows the difference.
~ Tractor
~ Boat
~ Doctor-he learned it on our way to the Dr.'s office on Monday.
~ Choo Choo for train.
~ Family members-It is so precious when we are driving and we go through everyone's names!
~ Outside- he by far says this the most! He wakes up asking to go outside and we would play there all day if I let him. I am soooo ready for Fall so we can go to the park!
~ Bath
~ Night Night
~ Waader (water)

~ He weighs 27.5 lbs and his top 2 molars came in which makes a total of 10 teeth.

A few weeks ago we had a play date with some friends and their babies. I grew up with these ladies and it is so hard to believe that we have babies now!

Sweet Walt who was almost 1 month old.

Silly Boys!

Grant asked me to take his picture. Brooke has him trained well!!

Loving the swing!

We also got to see the Coody family who came to stay at the lake with us while the Husbands played in the Member-Member Golf Tournament at AU Club. While they played golf, Ginni and I had fun playing with the kids and we even got to meet Shea who is Ginni's brother's girlfriend. She was a lot of fun and it was good to get to know her. Hopefully we will see them again soon!

A quick pic before we headed to Chuck's for some pizza.

Ginni, Me, and Shea

On Saturday, we went to see some of Ginni's family for some lake time and barbecue. Sawyer loved the baby pool of course and Daddy joined him for a quick dip to cool off!

My two best friends and their boys came down to spend a couple of days at the lake and it was a lot of fun to have girl time and also let our boys play together. They are stair steps in age; Jack (2), Sawyer (16 mo.), and Hunter (12 mo.).  My parents happened to be down at the same time so they came over and took us on a boat ride and a picnic lunch. Dede let the boys take turns driving the boat which was so cute to watch!

Sweet Huntman!

Taking a coffee break after lunch.

That same week, my Dad had to have an Angioplasty test to check for blockage in his heart and surrounding arteries. If he were to have more than 30% blockage, they would immediately put a stint in. Well, the test showed that he only had what the Doctor called "bumps in the road" and no blockage to speak of. Praise the Lord!!! We were so relieved that the test came back normal and that we have the peace of mind that his heart checked out ok. My Dad was required to take a month off work to rest due to exhaustion and it sadly has gone by too fast. I know he is ready to retire so now the countdown is on!

Last Friday, Mom and I took Emme and Sawyer to the splash pad in Gardendale. I had heard about it a while ago and we thought it would be a fun activity for the kids. It was also my Mom's last day to keep Emme so we wanted to have something fun planned for her before she starts her new school. Not to much surprise, they loved it!! I don't think Sawyer stopped smiling the entire time and he loved watching all the other kids play as well. There was a really nice playground too but we only did the swings because it was a little big for Emme and Sawyer. It is definitely a place we will go back to especially now that kids are in school and it is not too crowded.

So many fun things to do!

I made the mistake of giving him a Capri Sun a few weeks ago. He's hooked now....

We packed a picnic lunch and they did so good for not having high chairs/booster seats.

This picture pretty much sums up how much fun he had!

This past Saturday we went to Hunter's 1st Birthday Pool Party. Hunter really enjoyed his smash cake and he got so many fun toys too. Later that afternoon, we put our swimsuits on and went swimming. Her parents have a beautiful pool and backyard.

We had such a good time celebrating sweet Huntman!