Monday, September 19, 2011

September Ventures

Yay! It's alllmmmosst Fall. We are so ready at our house. I have spent the better part of the last two weeks shopping at the local Consignment Sales getting some good deals so we are all set!

 We started out this month with Labor Day weekend at the Lake. My parents recently got two kayaks from some family members so Jeff and I tried them out. What a great arm work out!!

We of course never went hungry and Dede kept his tradition of making blueberry pancakes which were delicious!

Angel face

Sawyer woke up every morning wanting to go see the tractor which is what they use to launch the boats with at the Marina. What a fun place for a little boy; he gets to see tractors, golf carts, lawn mowers, and of course boats. He also enjoyed playing in the baby pool in his Birthday suit!

On Labor Day, we went to our neighbor's house to cook out ribs and play with "BB". Well, that's what Sawyer calls Benjamin.

Balls and a car...OK!!

We go to Spain Park at least 3 days a week.

Dinner on the porch at Pablo's one Friday night.

Keith and I went to the AU vs. Mississippi State Game. Whew, what a game!!!

My neighbor Laura and I took our boys to go see the Lion Cubs that were born a few months ago. They were so cute playing around. 

I actually got a good shot of the tiger. He is always tucked in the corner sleeping when we have been in the past.

 This past Saturday, we watched the Clemson game at the Scott's. Not the best game in the world but we knew the winning streak had to end at some point!
Aunt Kiki and Keith Jr.

I snapped this picture when we were leaving Church this past Sunday.

This past Saturday, one of my dear friends who I have grown up with since the 5th grade, lost her 9 week old baby boy, Walt. My heart is breaking for her and her family and I just want to take some of her pain away. Katy has been so strong in her faith through all of this and keeps saying, "Something good will come out of this". What a great attitude and testament of faith she has.Their precious 18 month old little girl Norah has also been their rock and gives them so many reasons to smile. God is definitely getting her through this and all of the encouraging words and verses they are receiving are really helping. May God give them a strength and peace above all understanding now and in the days, months, and years ahead.